Eva Almérs’ versatile voice is filled with heartfelt passion, articulate expression and dynamic power. Her vocals fit Pop, Soul, RnB, Dance and Jazz music like a glove. She sings in English, French, Spanish and Swedish and truly delivers both in the studio and live on stage.

“I find that the more I connect my heart to the vocal chords, the better it sounds. I can wail and belt over a big range, but if I don’t believe every word I sing, the song will not move the listener. Therefore, the important thing to me isn’t if I sound fabulous, but if I sound believable. Will the audience listen up and pay attention?

I have my own sound of course, but working as a professional singer for radio and television, I’ve become quite decent at also imitating other original voices. The companies I work with expect me to credibly portray different kinds of moods and characters, like any actor at the drop of a hat. That playfulness and empathy become especially handy when writing and recording demos for other performers. It just makes everybody’s work easier.”