Eva on Stage

”Every second on stage feels completely magical and performing is my first and deepest love. It´s one of the very few things in life I actually feel I can master.”

Charismatic, charming and cool, Eva Almér will catch your eyes and keep them locked. She´s a real entertainer and adapts throughout the show to the audience, the stage and the music. And while many performers are content with just singing on stage, Eva actually began her career as a dancer.

“I think I was born dancing. Even before first grade I chose to spend the afternoons rehearsing cool dance moves and choreographing imaginative shows in the family living room. The other kids would call to ask if we could go the playground, but I’d politely explain: I was busy dancing. All day. I was very dedicated to becoming the best I could be.

When I was sixteen I won 1st price in a Swedish national dance competition and the title “DANCEMASTER.” I still dance almost every day and I’ve made choreographies for several shows like the prestigious NRJ Gala in Malmoe, Sweden. I’m not as good as I used to be, because singing takes most of my time, but I can get back in the game fast.”

Rave reviews

“Eva Almér has more talent in her pinky finger, than all the students and staff do combined in the whole Musical Academy.”
Jack Abrahams, Broadway Star and Head of the Musical Academy to Evas hesitant mother asking: “Is she any good? I mean really?”