Custom-designed Hit Songs

Eva Almér is an original Topliner in the pop, soul and RnB-music arena. She asks who will sing what for whom and why, and answers by custom-designing words and melodies that sound natural to the artists, that make them shine, all while getting clever messages across and sounding really good to his or her audience. This combination is Eva’s strong-suit.

It stems from her background and eagerness to make a connection:

  • Eva has perfect hearing today, but spent the majority of her childhood as semi-deaf. Years of operations and successful training have given her a passionate appreciation of sound and music that is larger than most.
  • Now she’s achieved a Bachelor´s degree in Communications and has studied at the Academy of Musicals. (Interestingly, in musicals, every song has a very specific purpose to fulfill, to move the story along.)
  • Eva works inside the melody but ”outside the box”, having majored in Innovation and Product Development. As a songwriter, this thinking and set of methods truly set her apart.
  • For years she researched and analyzed commercial music at the University of Lund, and wrote the unique thesis: ”Music That Sells” that concluded many of the findings.
Simply put, Eva’s songwriting style combines strong, inspired melodies with eloquent lyrics in a unique mix.