On Co-writing Songs

”I love to collaborate and work with professional track producers and great topliners. Creating new hooks and chord-combinations together is very exhilarating, and it often takes me to places I’ve never been. There are infinite possibilities, and after our often intense songwriting-session, we have in effect given birth to a wonderful new song. Our baby.

To me the process of developing the demo-song into a finished product reminds me of raising a child. First everything is new and exciting and the demo explores every creative opportunity. Then while growing up it builds a personality, which often completely backfires on you in the studio when the song hits its revolting teens... Finally, when the song has been mixed, mastered and released, it’s a young adult leaving the nest for adventures of its own, out in the big world. And all we as songwriters can do, is just to keep our fingers crossed and hope our songs do good. Our work is done.”

Listen to some of Eva Almér’s music and lyrics here.

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