“There’s always been a radio in my head playing songs that only I can hear. Most of the time with a lot of static but from time to time I have excellent reception. Naturally I’m very grateful for this gift, but at times it does feel odd taking credit for original and well-composed tracks that just come to me out of the blue while gardening, bicycling or washing up. Like *poof*… And all I have to do is finish the songs off with a fitting shape and thoughtful lyrics. It enables me to work very fast and I have hundreds of wonderful ideas and complete melodies recorded, waiting to be finished off in style.

Other times the songs might call for a good deal of work, and can take weeks to give birth to. They’re almost there, almost right, and like a criminal detective I have to figure out what’s wrong. Sometimes a chord is the bad guy, sometimes it’s a phrase, but more often than not, it’s just the ambition of having too many songs in one. Less IS more, especially in pop music, so I simplify. Again and again.”